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In preparation for the Holiday, every day until the first day of Christmas, we present one of our animals living in our zoo awaiting adoption, from whom you will surely find your favorite.

Meet our lemurs.

During the main season many of our visitors had the chance to get to know these animals in person and fall in love with them. Ringtails are a must in the zoo; hence they are audience favorites. But it is not because of their overall cuteness, but rather of their friendliness. Captive specimens approach humans with trust and show little to no fear towards their keepers and visitors.

The lemurs were considered to be ghosts by the first European settlers who arrived to the island of Madagascar. Imagine seeing glowing eyes and hearing eerie clicking sounds made by the lemurs when first reaching the shore during the dead of the night.
It’s sad to say that the fright did not hold for long. The situation of wild populations is extremely worrying. According to estimates between 2000 and 2017, the number of individuals decreased by 95% due to habitat loss, poaching and capture – thus far more lemurs live in human care than in their natural habitat.
The species is listed as „endangered” on the Red List of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Our institution is more than happy to report that each year the lemurs surprise us with new and healthy offspring.

Similarly to our lemurs, many animals are still waiting for their foster parents. Adopting provides an opportunity to support our zoo and we are hopeful that at our next event, you can meet your favorite animal as it’s foster parent.

A zoo pass can be a wonderful christmas present and a year-round source of joy.
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