Paramedics in Debrecen will receive a body camera

Local News

In the first round, paramedics in Hajdú-Bihar County will be able to test body cameras, which will not only protect ambulance workers, but also increase the safety of on-site patient care, the National Ambulance Service reported.

It’s not the only device they’re testing, soon all of tele-medicine’s devices will get space on all on-call cars. Such will be e.g. also a device suitable for telecommunication, image and sound transmission, to which fever can be measured with attached heads, heart and lung sound, mouth-throat test result, skin changes or even abnormalities in the ear can be transmitted in very good image quality to medical colleagues who can be consulted 24 hours a day rescue officers on the scene of what they saw.

The test operation will be preceded by the training of lifeguards, so the ambulances in Debrecen will be the first to receive the most modern rescue equipment.

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