Work Has Begun on the ‘Sziget-Kék’ All-Year-Round Park

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The more than 20-year-old Ötholdas Pagony (Five Acre Wood) playground will be transformed into an all-year-round park and it will provide families with twice as much green space as ever before.


I would like to apologize to the children for being unable to use the Ötholdas Pagony (Five Acre Wood) playground, which will operate under the name “Sziget-kék” (Blue Island)  in the future. The reason behind it is that we want to implement an ambitious development program. Our plans include the construction of a highly complex playground, Mayor László Papp said.


We would like to add function to the small forest next to playground. We want to do this by roughly doubling the playground area while preserving the natural values. With this development, we want to achieve that children can enjoy the benefits of the forest in the central part of the city, he added.


The winner of the public procurement procedure was Társ 95 Kft. They will implement this development from HUF 1 billion 130 million within seven months. I hope that this renovated playground will be available for when children can play outside in nature again by next spring, the mayor said. He emphasized that it is the largest central playground in the city, or perhaps in the region, and therefore the development is also large-scale.


The latest feature of the park will be the mini-city, a children’s town with roads, a school, a shop, a market, a bank, a hospital, a restaurant, and a police station where children can playfully explore the adult world. The houses evoke the places in Debrecen and the locations of the book “Sziget-kék.”


Deputy Mayor Diána Széles emphasized that although the park will remain as it used to be, it will be more comfortable, 21st century, meeting all children and parents’ needs. The new four-season playground will be visitor-centric. In addition to the café and buffet, the 450-square-meter central building will include a baby-mama room. The deputy mayor added that families could take advantage of it for free. This investment aims to be able to give a family great experience in Debrecen, she added.


Member of Parliament Lajos Kósa said that the area of ​​the current playground would more than double. He pointed out that the playground was always popular, but now it will be completely renewed.


In addition to the existing games, an additional 35 new play elements will be added to the playground, easily accessible from all sides. Compared to ​​the previous cross-park area, a significantly larger new part of the park will be created, consisting of a small motor circuit and painted light rail sections. The racing track, together with a box street and a parking garage, also offers exciting experiences.


Although it is the city’s largest and most popular playground, children will not be left without a game until the work is completed. There are 80 more playgrounds, including a playground next to Lake Békás.


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