There will be another traffic restriction in Debrecen

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In the western small ring road in Debrecen During the III. construction of Tisza István utca and Hatvan utca, there will be further traffic restrictions due to the change of track structure. Construction work here will run from October 12, 2021, to October 24, 2021.

In the first phase of the track structure change, the works will be carried out in the area of ​​the junction on the side facing Csók utca. The affected traffic lanes will be closed by the contractor, therefore the traffic coming from the direction of Tisza István utca will be provided by one lane to the left and to the right in the direction of Hatvan utca.

From the direction of Bethlen utca, you can take a lane on a lane from Hatvan utca straight to Segner tér, and turn left in the direction of Tisza István utca. Furthermore, due to the lane disappearing from the direction of Segner Square, it is possible to go straight on Bethlen Street in one lane and turn right in the direction of Tisza István Street.

The signal lights operate during construction. If necessary, there will be police traffic control at the node.

The municipality asks those involved to travel not out of habit but taking into account the temporary traffic regime during construction.


Debrecen City Hall Press

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