The people of Debrecen can run in ugly Christmas sweaters again!

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For the sixth time, the ugliest, funniest sweaters will come out of the wardrobes at the “Ronda Pulcsis Futás” on December 11, the event organizer posted on a well-known social site.

At the event, gifts will be collected for those in need with the participants free of charge, but registration is required.

The competition can only be entered with a certificate of protection. Registration:

In Debrecen, people with ugly sweaters will run in the city center, starting from Baltazár Dezső tér, on the Hunyadi utca – Péterfia utca – Piac utca pedestrian zone – Füvészkert utca – Múzeum utca – Baltazár tér route, also reaching the unloading fair. The DVSC football team and the women’s handball team will also take part in the run. The pre-start warm-up will be held by the fitness coaches of the two teams, Ádám Száraz and Henrietta Rácz.

The organizers expect the following material donations from the donors participating in the run on December 11, which will be handed over to the Debrecen Charitable Body after the event.
We can help you the most with these ingredients (making sure the warranty period lasts at least until next April):
• canned meat and ready meals
• jam
• biscuits
• peanut butter (boxed)
• cooking oil
• dry pasta, pasta sauce
• sugar
• rice
• canned fruits and vegetables
• baby food

Location: Debrecen, Baltazár Dezső tér

Date: December 11, 2021 from 10:30 to 12:00

Meeting: Debrecen, Baltazár tér between 10:30 and 10: 50h so that we can register you and warm you up together

Start: at 11:00.

Distance: Baltazár tér – Füvészkert – Hunyadi utca – Péterfia utca – Piac utca pedestrian zone – In front of the Great Church – Füvészkert utca – Múzeum utca – Perényi – Baltazár tér

More details here.

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