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The Hajdú-Bihar County Organization of the Hungarian Red Cross will award nearly 1,000 blood donors in 2021 on the occasion of the Hungarian Blood Donor Day. The organization celebrates all blood donations for its sacrificial and valuable deeds, yet it is remarkable that it can also greet a 170-time donor, and the number of those who donate 100 times their blood is outstanding.

Nobles, heroes who voluntarily donate blood anonymously to help their unknown fellow human beings and keep domestic blood supplies at a safe level at all times. We, the blood donors, will be celebrated on November 27, the day of the Hungarian blood donors. The Hajdú-Bihar County Organization of the Hungarian Red Cross also honors all blood donors, including the 990 donors who can be awarded as jubilee blood donors. In 1959, the Congress of the Hungarian Red Cross described blood donation as a patriotic act, so it rightly draws attention to voluntary blood donors as the secret heroes among us.

They feel like it is their mission

For multiple blood donors, blood donation is part of their lives. They feel like their mission. They feel a responsibility to always have enough blood products available to those who need it to survive or recover. You know, blood donation is a common cause: 4.5 deciliters of blood is regularly added to that health. This morally high-level, quiet day-to-day act connects a blood donor with a patient, a blood donor, or anyone who serves or heals in a blood donation — a thought that pays homage to all members, volunteers, and employees of the Red Cross County organization.

Records: blood donation champions

There are also particularly difficult years behind the organization of blood donations, as the epidemic has affected donors and organizers. As a result of the pandemic, there were periods when fewer blood donation sites could open their doors. The price of security was that there was an increase in waiting times at the venues. In Hajdú-Bihar county, the blood donors persisted in this situation as well. This is also reflected in the fact that the “records” of the last 10 years will be set by the jubilee blood donors in our county in 2021. The donor with the highest blood donation, László Papp, can receive an award for 170-fold blood donation in Hajdúszoboszló. There are a total of 25 who are 100-fold or even multiple blood donors. 140-fold blood donor István Zsolt Zoványi, 125-time donor Tibor Pályi and László Szilágyi; all the winners of the Debrecen Regional Organization of the Hungarian Red Cross. Pál Takács is celebrated in Hajdúböszörmény for a 120-time donation. We can pay tribute to three 110-time blood donors and seventeen 100-time celebrations. Women have more limited opportunities to donate blood, but all residents of the county can also be proud of their female donors. In particular, she can also greet women with high blood donations, in addition to two ladies for 100-fold blood donations: Ilona Andrea Szabóné Nagy and Lászlóné Szalai, who will be honored in Debrecen. Ilona Vargáné Cseh receives recognition for her 90th blood donation in Balmazújváros, Sándorné Csige for her 75th blood donation in Püspökladány, and Jolán Hegedűs and Lászlóné Kovács in Hajdúszoboszló.

Due to the epidemic and the needs of blood donors, the greeting celebrations in our county are organized for them and those who celebrate high blood donation due to the epidemic. In most regional centers, blood donation ceremonies are held, elsewhere in a cozy setting, recognition is given in the Red Cross office, and society expresses its respect and recognition for the jubilee blood donors.

Hajdú-Bihar County blood donors awarded by the Hungarian Red Cross in 2021 for 100 times and higher blood donations:

170-fold blood donor:
László Papp (winner of the Hungarian Red Cross Hajdúszoboszló Regional Organization)

140-fold blood donor:
Zsolt Zoványi István (winner of MVK Debrecen Territorial No.)

125-fold blood donors:
Tibor Pályi,
László Szilágyi (winners of the MVK Debrecen Regional Organization)

120-fold blood donors:
Pál Takács (winner of MVK Hajdúböszörmény Territeti Sz.)

110-fold blood donors:
Imre Bíró (winner of MVK Hajdúböszörmény Teréreti Sz.)
Sándor Kiss (winner of MVK Debrecen Territorial No.)
József Vámosi (winner of MVK Hajdúnánás Territorial No.)


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