The pasture near Földes burned at three thousand square meters

Local News

It burned on three thousand square meters of pasture near Earth. Professional firefighters in Püspökladány extinguished the fire with a jet of water, the Megei Disaster Management said. Their press officer also reported further events in the county.

On the outskirts of Pocsaj, next to the railway embankment, the reeds and bushes were burning, which is why the municipal firefighters in Évértes were alerted. The unit had difficulty accessing the area, so they extinguished the flames with hand tools.

The reeds burned on one hectare on the outskirts of Derecske. Volunteer firefighters from Berettyóújfalu marched and used water jets to quench the fire with hand tools and a jet of water.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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