Water is distributed at the Grand Station and at some bus stations in Debrecen due to the heat

Local News

During the heat alarm – from 10 am to 5 pm on Monday – MÁV Zrt. provides its passengers with mineral water at the Budapest main railway stations and the larger rural railway stations; Volánbusz distributes water on weekdays between 12 and 2 pm at the Népliget bus station and at the busy bus stations in the county seats.

The railway company informed MTI on Monday that in Budapest at the Nyugati, Keleti, Déli railway stations, as well as in the countryside at Miskolc, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Békéscsaba, Szeged, Kecskemét, Szolnok, Győr, Pécs, Nagykanizsa, Siófok, those waiting for trains can get free water at the Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg and Celldömölk stations.

Between 12 and 2 pm, Volánbusz distributes mineral water at the bus stations at the county seats: Békéscsaba, Budapest at Népliget bus station, Debrecen, Eger, Győr, Kaposvár, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza In Szekszárd, Szolnok, Szombathely, Tatabánya, Veszprém and Zalaegerszeg – the announcement states.



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