LGBTQ+ youth can safely enter these places in Debrecen – Here is the list of Cívisváros institutions that have joined Safe Place

Local News

Recently, the Safe Place movement was launched by the Debrecen queer community called Cíviscolors, which mostly consists of young people.

The goal of the movement is for LGBTQ+ youth in Debrecen to find safe places for them in the city. In a Facebook post, they collect which organizations and businesses have joined their movement so far:

Cíviscolors will also be there at Pride 2022. Anyone who wants to travel with them to the event can apply here.

The essence of Safe Place:

The movement was started in 1983 by the YMCA youth shelter in Louisville. Safe Place means Safe Place in Hungarian, which is essentially a prevention-based collaboration whose goal is to provide immediate support to young people under the age of 18 who need help and safety. Designated Safe Place can be any company or organization that is ready to be available to young people anywhere in the country at any time.

Shops participating in Safe Place use stickers to indicate that they welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community and, if necessary, stand up for their interests.

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