Due to the Stormy Wind, Trees Fell in Several Parts of Debrecen


Firefighters were alerted to fires and accidents.

Five hundred square meters of stubble burned from Monday to Tuesday in Debrecen, near Lóskuti street. Professional firefighters from Debrecen extinguished the fire with hand tools.

On the morning of July 5th, a thirty-square-meter outbuilding burned down in its entirety in Balkány, in Görénypuszta. The fire spread to the roof structure of a neighboring outbuilding, as well as to the neighboring lot, where the dry rubble burned in spots on nearly a hundred square meters. The professional firefighters from Nyíradony, Nyírbátor and Szakoly extinguished the fire with three jets of water.

Fifty square meters of undergrowth burned near Egyek yesterday morning. The local municipal firefighters intervened with a water jet.

The roof of a family house and the attached garage burned on Tuesday morning in Debrecen, on Csongor street. The outbuilding next to the property also caught fire. Debrecen professional and Debrecen volunteer firefighters extinguished the fire with three jets of water.

A car caught fire early Tuesday afternoon in Debrecen, on Naphal street. Professional firefighters from Debrecen extinguished the fire with a water jet.

One hectare of undergrowth burned early yesterday afternoon on Hortobágy, near Nádudvar. The Balmazújváros municipal and Debrecen professional firefighters put out the fire with a water jet and hand tools.

A round baling machine caught fire and burned in its entirety on Tuesday afternoon in Furta, near Temető street. The fire spread to stubble and two round bales in an area of ​​two hectares. The professional firefighters from Berettíóújfalu and Szeghalom put out the flames with a water jet.

Forty hectares of stubble burned yesterday afternoon in the area between Berettyóújfalu and Bakonszeg, where a transformer house also caught fire. The fire was extinguished by the professional firefighters of Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen and Pıspökladány. Three power machines were also involved in the works. Due to the strong wind, the fire also hindered railway traffic.

Several alarms were received yesterday afternoon from several parts of the county due to fallen trees and broken branches caused by the stormy winds. In Debrecen, the work of firefighters was needed in several places, including Pallagi road, Csigekert street, Borbíró square, Nagyerdei park, Ádám street, Honvéd street, Andaházi street and Kanális street. In Püspökladány, Karcagi street, Hajdúszoboszló, and Kádár street, local professional firefighters removed fallen tree branches.

Yesterday afternoon in Hosszúpályi, on Földvár street, the stormy wind knocked down an eight-meter elm tree. The tree fell on a man sitting on a bench, who died as a result of the incident. Létavértes municipal firefighters removed the fallen tree with a motorized chainsaw.

Fallen leaves burned on two hundred square meters yesterday afternoon in Bakonszeg, near Rákóczi street. The residents started to put out the fire, and the professional firefighters from Píspökladany, who arrived in the meantime, put out the fire with a water jet and hand tools.

Two cars collided yesterday afternoon between Balmazújváros and Hajdúböszörmény. The professional firefighters from Balmazújváros disconnected the vehicles. A total of four people were traveling in the cars, and the ambulance service took everyone to the hospital.


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