Students of the Faculty of Science and Technology received diplomas


Graduates of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen – including biologists, chemical and electrical engineers, mathematicians, physicists, teachers, and translators – received their diplomas. At the ceremony, a total of 281 students who participated in Hungarian and English-language training received diplomas.

The Faculty of Science and Technology has now developed into a regional center for research, development, and innovation, committed to quality professional training. In our science and engineering courses, quality knowledge is guaranteed by our internationally renowned research groups, where students are also involved in research and development work under the guidance of renowned professors. The high-quality work is perfectly indicated by the fact that the faculty currently has nine research groups of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network, as well as five Lendület and one Élvonal research group, and our research sites won HUF 5 billion in support in recent tenders

– emphasized Dean Ferenc Kun in his celebratory speech.

The professor emphasized that, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, the students of the faculty can acquire the skills and competencies that employers need the most through practice-oriented training.

The faculty has developed an extensive network of relationships with large companies in the region, and we have included practitioners in the education to meet the needs of the labor market with our training. As a result of this development work, in 2016 we started dual training in our engineering majors, and from 2018 it will be possible to study dually in several of our master’s majors in natural sciences,

– Ferenc Kun listed.

The dean also highlighted natural science teacher training from the faculty’s training offer. He also touched on the fact that more and more foreign students are choosing the Faculty of Science and Technology courses. Currently, about 800 students from more than 50 countries are studying in English. Regarding the talent development programs, he said that many students were involved in the research and development work going on in the institutes, the results of which were recognized with numerous awards at domestic and international scientific events.

At the faculty’s graduation ceremonies on Friday, a total of 281 graduates of the Hungarian and English-language bachelor’s and master’s programs, undivided training, and specialized continuing education received their diplomas.

The activities of the faculty’s most outstanding students and instructors were recognized with awards. For example, the University of Debrecen Rector’s Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to certified teacher Lúcia Anikó Farkas, liaison officer of the Faculty of Science and Technology Student Government, and certified biologist Renáta Lukácsné Urgyán was awarded the Outstanding Student Award of the University of Debrecen. The Hungarian Chemical Industry Association (MAVESZ) Presidium’s award for “Excellent studies in chemical engineering” was awarded to certified chemical engineer Zsófia Vonza.

Based on the voting of the graduating students, István Lázár, assistant professor of the Department of Meteorology, received the award for the faculty’s most popular lecturer in the 2021/2022 academic year at the graduation ceremony on Friday.

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