The new four-star hotel in Debrecen was handed over

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On Sunday, August 21, the national ribbon was cut in front of the Mercure hotel built in Debrecen, according to the mayor’s report.

According to László Papp, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. The 155-room business hotel located at No. 11 is a gap-filling investment and another landmark of the city.

Mercure is the first international hotel industry brand to appear in Debrecen. In terms of the number of units, it is the largest upper-middle category hotel chain in Europe.

At last year’s groundbreaking ceremony, it was announced that the investment would be realized from HUF 8.2 billion.

Hungary’s second largest and most dynamically developing city needs a modern hotel, which is why the recently handed over Mercure Hotel in the heart of the city is of outstanding importance – stated the minister who heads the Prime Minister’s Office at the hotel’s handover ceremony in Debrecen on Sunday.

Gergely Gulyás emphasized that

Debrecen is rightly proud of its new spa and the largest domestic investment in the city, the battery factory, as thousands of jobs will be created when it is built. Economic development, tourism developments, such as spas and hotel construction, are being implemented in the city at the same time.

According to the minister, the dynamic development of Debrecen is of great importance not only for the region but also for the cross-border areas. Péter Horváth, the CEO of the Tourism Development Agency, said that within the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program it was possible to apply for the construction of hotels with more than 100 rooms, thus the 8.5 billion forint investment in Debrecen won a 3.5 billion forint non-refundable subsidy.

Gyula Szűcs, the president and CEO of Szinorg Universal Zrt., the owner of Bajcsy Invest Kft., which was established to carry out the investment, said: they have reached the present day, the handover of the hotel, amid difficult circumstances – pandemic, war. There are 135 rooms and 20 apartments on the four floors, with a restaurant, cafe, fitness room, and three conference and meeting rooms.

Earlier, he said that the support of the Hungarian state and the Hungarian Tourist Agency made it possible to bring the first international brand to Debrecen, Mercure, owned by the Accor Group, of which the new hotel will be a member.

Mayor László Papp called the investment “filling a gap”, since there had not been a hotel opening in the city for more than a decade.

For the economic development of Debrecen, the most important thing is to create harmony between the different areas of the city

he emphasized. Tourism is developing at full speed, he pointed out, adding that in 2019, the last year of peace before the pandemic, the number of guest nights was 502,000, and this number will be reached this year as well.

Event tourism plays a significant role in the city’s tourism – flower carnival, swimming World Cup, international slag engine competition – and these require the availability of suitable accommodation, he explained.

Photo: Facebook/László Papp

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