When Brad Pitt abused Angelina Jolie, their children cried in front of the door


More details have been revealed about the 2016 incident that caused Angelina Jolie to report her ex-husband.

According to the actress, the world star beat her in the lavatory of their private plane. Angelina Jolie also has photos of her injuries, she submitted them to the FBI years ago, and now they have been made public, they can be viewed on Page Six.

According to the report published by the newspaper, during the incident, Brad Pitt allegedly grabbed his ex-wife and pushed her into the restroom of the private plane, where she screamed: “You’re screwing this family up!” – writes 24.hu. According to the document, two of their children cried in front of the door and asked:

Are you OK, Mommy?

And Brad Pitt shouted:

No, Mommy’s not OK. She’s ruining this family. She’s crazy.

According to Jolie, one of their children spoke back to his father when the actor started walking toward the child, but the actress did not let this happen and held her husband in a choke hold, who in turn pushed her back. That’s when Angelina Jolie got her bruises.



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