Debrecen does not hand over the domestic waterworks to the Hungarian state

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The general assembly of Debrecen decided on an important matter today. The waterworks will remain the property of the city. Debrecen will not hand over its water utility assets to the state, but due to the drastic increase in energy prices, the water utility company will supply almost exclusively in Debrecen – shared municipal representative Erzsébet Katona. The deputy mayor also posted about the event.

The minutes of the general assembly provide more information:

CCIX of 2011 on water utility services. this year’s summer amendment of the Act enables local governments in difficult economic situations and service providers operating under their ownership to voluntarily participate in the integration program developed by Nemzeti Vízművek Zrt. by handing over assets related to public services to the Hungarian State. the participation of local governments.

They thank the state, but they are not asking for state aid

Using this instrument of state intervention, it is possible to help the affected local governments and resolve the financing problems that have arisen in the sector for the sake of security of supply, by transferring the supply responsibility burdened by the local governments to the Hungarian State through Nemzeti Vízművek Zrt. The board’s decision was formulated in the form of a decision alternative, which is about participation in the program, the free transfer of water utility assets and operating assets, as well as unused development resources to the state. The general assembly took a unanimous position, supporting the proposal that the municipality should not participate in the voluntary transfer process.

In order to ensure the long-term provision of water utility services (drinking water supply, waste water drainage, and cleaning) – in accordance with the current legal regulations – it is necessary to prepare a rolling development plan for each water utility system for a period of fifteen years, which must be submitted for approval to the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Office. The project also includes investments that the municipality undertakes to finance, for which the approval decision of the general assembly is required. According to the resolution proposal contained in the proposal, the municipality will plan HUF 18,100,000 net for investments in its 2023 budget, which will be used to finance water utility expansions (drinking water network and sewage network). The general assembly accepted the proposal.

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