The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology And Transport may move to Debrecen

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Contrary to the original plans, the new transport museum would not be located in Budapest, but in Nyíregyháza or Debrecen. The ministry would also redesign the New National Gallery.

After the Hungarian Natural History Museum, another major exhibition venue in the capital may move to the countryside, as Népszava reports that the Ministry of Construction and Investment plans to move the transport museum to Nyíregyháza or Debrecen. The paper knows that in recent weeks, one of the state secretaries of the ministry has put this possibility into perspective on several occasions.

As written,

choosing a rural location would practically throw away the ten billion forints received for the preparation of the new museum, and the almost eight billion forints spent on planning.

Although the plans prepared for the location on Kőbányai út in Budapest already received the building permit this summer, only the final phase of planning, the preparation of the detailed construction plans, remains. They are supposed to finish this in 2023.

The Népszava also contacted the museum about the matter, which did not deny the reports. In their answer, they wrote, “the investment can be realized mainly from central budget resources. The government decides on the framework of the operation, including its location.”

Népszava also contacted the competent ministry, which also did not deny the reports, but confirmed that, based on the proposal of Minister János Lázár, the New National Gallery could be realized based on the ideas of Hungarian architects instead of Japanese designs, as this has a symbolic value. “A decision has not yet been made on the transport museum or the New National Gallery planned for the City Park, and the matter of the aforementioned cultural investments has not even been brought before the government.

The implementation of the New National Gallery in a rural location will certainly not take place, in the case of the transport museum this cannot be stated so firmly

– replied the ministry.


Picture: illustration – pixabay.

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