Transportation between Debrecen and Budapest

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There are many people living in Debrecen who travel the distance between the two cities on a daily basis, either for work or study. Those who want to cover this distance of approximately 230 kilometers can choose from several options.

Those who have a car can choose to drive between the two cities. And many people travel to Budapest in order to travel further from Budapest Airport. But many people select public transport or private transfer rides between the capital of Hungary, Budapest, and the country’s second-largest city, Debrecen.


You can take the train from Debrecen railway station and choose from two destinations. There are trains that arrive at the Budapest Nyugati railway station and some that arrive at the Budapest Keleti railway station in Budapest. There is a train departure from Debrecen to the capital every hour, and the train journey to Budapest takes a little more than 2 hours.

Traveling by train can be the cheapest option that we can choose from, the ticket price varies between HUF 4,000 and HUF 5,000 (approx. 10-12,5 euros).

Airport transfer

An airport transfer is nothing more than a regular, scheduled transportation service that takes passengers from predetermined collection points or even from the user’s house to the designated airport, or will take you to another pre-ordered destination. Airport transfer is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get to the airport comfortably.

Airport transfer types:

Door-to-door airport transfer – in this case, we will have travel companions who are traveling on the same plane or at the same time as us.

It can be quite expensive to travel with an airport transfer, the prices differ from company to company, but we can expect an amount of around 20,000 fortins (approx. 50 euros).

Individual airport transfer – we can also choose the experience of individual travel when no one but us travels on the airport transfer minibus.

The price of a private airport transfer can be around HUF 60,000 (approx. 150 euros), but this also varies by service provider.

Carpooling (TeleKocsi)

During carpooling, members either use their own car or a jointly rented vehicle to travel together. The driver of a car carries one or more passengers going to the same destination, with whom they share the costs of the journey.

The prices of carpooling services may also differ and you can choose from several departure/arrival points. If you travel from Debrecen to Budapest, the prices start at a very favorable HUF of 3,500 (approx. 8-9 euros), which can be booked in time. But you can do the Debrecen-Budapest trip for about a maximum of HUF 6,000 (approx. 15 euros).


Anyone who wants to travel from Debrecen to Budapest or from Budapest to Debrecen can choose from the options mentioned above. There is no bus service between the two cities, the only way to get there is to transfer, which is not the most convenient if you are traveling with a lot of luggage.


The prices are only valid for the one-way trip from Debrecen to Budapest and are informative.

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