Debrecen Water Works found out what caused the asphalt to break on Rakovszky Street

Local News

Two access lines broke in Rakovszky Dániel Street – this caused the asphalt rupture last Thursday, the Debrecen Water Works announced.

The road broke under a car in Debrecen

Due to the complete road closure, police are still directing traffic in the area.

The service provider reminds us that the specialists of the Debrecen Waterworks went to the site with great force on Thursday to fix the problem. Water service was restored to residents in the street around 9:30 p.m.

“We have excavated the two broken access lines, but further excavating is necessary to be absolutely sure that there were no other problems. This is currently in progress, and we expect to finish it by the middle of next week. By then, we will be able to fix the errors that can be found, and then the public road can come to restore the road

– said Mester Tibor, chief engineer of development and maintenance of the Debrecen Water Works.

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