State Secretary: 30,000 new jobs will be created in Debrecen, guest workers will be needed

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The number and volume of investments in Hungary require the involvement of foreign guest workers temporarily if there is no Hungarian workforce, said the State Secretary responsible for employment policy of the Ministry of Economic Development on Thursday in Komárom.

Sándor Czomba added at the ceremony welcoming the city’s twenty biggest taxpayers; they ask the companies to support them in hiring as long as there are Hungarian employees.

According to the state secretary, there is no question that foreign labor is needed as the number of investments increases.

In Debrecen, for example, 30,000 new jobs can be expected to be created by 2030

– he noted.

“However, we are responsible for who can come here, from where and under what conditions,” Sándor Czomba stated. He pointed out that businesses stagnating due to staff shortages or lagging investments also reduce Hungarian people’s chances of employment.

Judit Bertalan Czunyiné, the region’s Fidesz parliamentary representative, pointed out that as a result of the conscious economic development activities of the local government, government support and the joint activities of the companies established here, the county of Komárom-Esztergom is one of the most developed regions in the country.

Attila Molnár, the mayor of Komárom, said that the total amount of the city’s budget is HUF 22 billion, but this also includes the source of the winning tenders.

However, the real economic situation is better characterized by the fact that the settlement spends HUF 7 billion on operations, while the amount of local tax revenues amounts to HUF 4.5 billion, which is no small achievement for a city of 20,000 people, he pointed out.



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