Hunter Cruelly Executed a Piglet On the Street in Debrecen – They Are Looking For Witnesses

Local News

In several Facebook groups, a terribly unfortunate incident – that happened in Debrecen on Saturday morning – was shared.

According to eyewitnesses, on Kemény Zsigmond street, a hunter (whose name is also known, but cannot be shared) wrapped a found piglet in a blanket and killed the animal. According to some commentators, the person’s civil occupation is a doctor.


An eyewitness’s report at the entry of the Puli Animal Protection Association:


“The two policemen watched over the pig for hours and they ‘fell in love’ with their protégé. I was also there in the last hour. The unfortunate incident took place in the back garden of a new apartment building in Kemény Zsigmond street. The president of one of the hunting associations arrived at the scene after the police and other helpers could not find an organization that could be called to the scene in such a case. A gray Mitsubishi SUV arrived, a man appeared and a yellow-brown blanket and an ax were in his hands. The answer of the “doctor/hunter” to my terrified question was: ‘if it bites my hand, how will I heal my patients?” I turned away and then I heard the pig squealing. I also feel sorry for the young policemen, who expected anything, but this.”


Anyone who saw the incident, especially if they recorded it, can register in the Facebook group of the Debrecen animal lovers and helpers.

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