For special occasions, the Debrecen zoo invites you for an autumn evening walk

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Under the trees of the Big Forest, every season has its own charm, so after the soon-to-end frenetic summer season, Zoo Debrecen welcomes those interested in the animal world and exclusive experiences for an autumn evening walk this year, this time on the International Red Panda Day on September 16 and October 7 on the occasion of World Animal Week.

The focus of the program on the 16th of September, organized with the arrival of the perfect autumn hiking season, will be Maci, Pandita and their first offspring, Mei, born in June, but with the help of zoo pedagogues and animal caretakers, we will also get to know the autumn and evening life of the Park’s other Asian residents, whether it is during their raids or not. about big cats that can be admired or about the new arrivals of the Gibbon House this year, the crocodile-tailed cam lizards and the Vietnamese cave geckos.

It has been a tradition for many years now that Debrecen Zoo celebrates World Animal Day for a whole week at the beginning of October, and for the first time on October 7th, we can get a glimpse into the functioning of international species conservation programs and the importance of responsible animal husbandry in the framework of a themed guided walk for the endangered species living in the Park and even you can also get to know them up close with the help of pets.

Those interested can take part in this unique experience on September 16, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., and on October 7, between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. For both thematic walks, 30 tickets can be purchased online in advance at a unit price of HUF 6,800, and another 10 tickets can be purchased on-site for HUF 7,800 per person. The guests of the all-night exclusive program will be served snacks and refreshments on the Samburu panoramic terrace.

(Zoo Debrecen)

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