There will be no workers’ hostel from the Tesco store in Debrecen

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The Debrecen municipality issued a press release regarding the news that is spreading on the Internet about the guest workers and one of the Tesco store in Debrecen.

In the past period, a lot of untrue information about foreign workers appeared on various social media platforms. According to one of the related posts, the Tesco department store in the southern part of Debrecen will become a worker’s hostel, and in the empty areas behind it, a container worker’s accommodation suitable for a large number of workers will be built. This information has no basis! – the municipality began its announcement in a strong tone.

In the affected area, just as in other residential areas of the city, no worker’s hostel can be built. No intention or request was made in this regard, they write. According to the municipality, whoever published this information was driven by the sole intention of deceiving the citizens of Debrecen.

Neither now nor in the future, the Debrecen municipality will allow anyone to build a new worker’s hostel in residential areas or areas with residential buildings. Any information to the contrary is false. Please treat the information appearing on social media or any other media platform accordingly! – can be read in the press release of the Debrecen municipality.

(Debrecen City Hall)

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