Demonstration Against Ruling Party Fidesz Due to Pedophile Scandal Organized in Debrecen

Local News

“Katalin Novák, the defender of pedophiles, resigned. Judit Varga, who with her signature agreed to the presidential pardon of the deputy director of pedophile support in Bicske, has resigned. BUT THIS IS STILL NOT ENOUGH” – write the organizers of the Debrecen demonstration planned for Thursday.

The people of Debrecen believe that the main culprits have not yet been brought to justice, because the threads of the pedophile scandal lead to the highest circles of Fidesz and the government.

“Let’s not let Viktor Orbán and the other accomplices get away with this by hiding behind the skirts of two women! Let’s demonstrate together for justice in our city, on Thursday, February 15th, from 17:00 at the beginning of Csapó utca, in front of the Napló headquarters! Let’s stand up for the victims, let’s stand up for justice!” – can be read at the Facebook event.

There will be a demonstration in Budapest on Wednesday, too.

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