Hungary to Buy Missile System from USA

Hungary will buy advanced missile system components from the United States, under a declaration of intent signed by Defence Minister Tibor Benkő and US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein.

The one billion dollar purchase within the framework of the US Foreign Military Sales programme will be completed by September 30 this year, the document said. At the event, Benkő said the missile system would mainly be used as a deterrent, as well as to increase security and for training purposes. The aim is to create capabilities for ensuring the safety of Hungarians, he said. “We are aware that the peace we live in is extremely fragile,” Benkő said, adding that Hungary aims to procure cutting-edge, efficient technology at all times.

Cornstein said the deal would be the biggest procurement in the history of Hungary-US defence cooperation. He praised Hungarian experts for the thorough vetting conducted ahead of the purchase on the NATO compatible system. The Embassy praised the Hungarian government’s commitment to develop its armed forces by buying the “world’s most advanced mid-range air defense system”. “This procurement will further deepen the excellent security cooperation between our two countries,” the embassy said.


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