World Hunting Expo Opened

The “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition will be a large-scale event that is worthy of Hungary’s hunting culture, which originates from its eastern heritage, Deputy Premier Zsolt Semjén said in Budapest on Saturday.

Opening the event, he said that the programmes on offer include everything related to hunting from science through gastronomy to sports activities and arts.

In Hungary, there are 70,000 hunters, 700,000 anglers, and thousands of sports shooters, archers, riders and people with hunting dogs so, including their families, about a quarter of the nation belong to this community. Man has always hunted and today the diversity of nature, agriculture and wildlife can no longer be maintained without game management. If it is abandoned anywhere in the world, experience has shown that wildlife begins to perish, where, in turn, it is developed, wild game starts to thrive both in numbers and in quality.

According to the Bible, it is just as wrong to leave the environment to its fate as it is to exploit it, and just as a gardener takes care of the garden entrusted to him, the hunter takes care of the forest, the field, the game, Semjén said.

In line with the principle of sustainability, all elements of the exhibition will be preserved and moved to a worthy place after the event, he said.


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