A third-degree heat alert is in effect from Thursday to Saturday midnight


The national medical officer will issue a third-degree heat alert for the entire country from Thursday to Saturday midnight, based on the forecast of the meteorological service and on the recommendation of the National Center for Public Health.

The National Public Health Center and the National Directorate General of Disaster Management informed MTI about this in a joint statement on Wednesday.

The two organizations draw people’s attention to the fact that high temperatures have a harmful effect on our health; the heat is especially dangerous for the elderly, children, and those doing physical work.

Among the elderly, high temperatures can cause cardiovascular complaints, which should be seen immediately by a doctor, and patients taking medications can also react sensitively, they added.

They recommend that people stay in a cool place during the heatwave, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., avoid physical work that puts a strain on their bodies, and shower with lukewarm water several times a day.

Those going to work or shopping should take enough fluids with them and don’t forget to use sun protection creams, as well as to wear a hat, they added.

Attention was also drawn to the fact that during the critical period, everyone should stay in the shade on the beaches, if possible, and that no one should jump into the water with an overheated body.

Drivers are also advised to exercise extra caution. They recommend that you take chilled liquids with you and that you don’t leave children or pets in the parked car for even a few minutes.

If anyone sees a child or pet left in a car parked in the sun, call 112 immediately! they informed.

It was also reported that in the high heat, the vegetation is also drier and can catch fire more easily, the open-air fires of hundreds of hectares in each case touch each other; so far this summer, 3,660 fires have started outdoors.

During the heat warning, no one should light a fire in nature, and no one should leave the fire unattended when having a potluck or barbecue in the garden! they wrote.

Since a fire ban is in effect, it is still forbidden to burn stubble in the entire country, nor should you light a fire in forests and within two hundred meters of them, the announcement reads.

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