Cold Front Might Arrive on Friday


The warm, sunny, typically dry weather will continue this week, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service.


On Monday, there will be a lot of sunshine, especially in the northeastern and eastern part of the country, as well as in the western counties, where there may be showers and thunderstorms as well. The lowest temperature is usually expected to be between 14 and 20 degrees, but it can be cooler in cold-sensitive areas. The highest temperature is likely to be between 29 and 34 degrees.

A lot of sunshine is expected on Tuesday as well, but there may be showers and thunderstorms only in certain places. The minimums will be between 12 and 20 degrees, the maximums will be between 29 and 35 degrees. Sunny, rain-free weather is expected on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, the air warms up from 13-21 degrees to 31-36 degrees in the morning. On Thursday, the minimums will be between 15 and 22 degrees, and the maximums will be between 33 and 38 degrees. A cold front may arrive on Friday, therefore cloudy weather is likely with longer or shorter sunny periods. Showers and thunderstorms may develop in several places. The wind will strengthen over a large area, and in some places – not only in the vicinity of thunderstorms – it will also become stormy. The lowest temperature will be between 16 and 24, and the highest daytime temperature will usually be between 29 and 35 degrees, but in Western Transdanubia it will be several degrees cooler than this, while in some parts of Tiszántúl it can be several degrees warmer. On Saturday and Sunday, in addition to more or less sunshine, showers and thunderstorms may also occur in places. The wind can be strong in many directions, even stormy. On Saturday, the minimums are expected to be between 15 and 22 degrees, and the maximums between 24 and 30 degrees. On Sunday, the air will warm from 14-20 degrees in the morning to 25-30 degrees, the forecast reads.

In terms of precipitation, until the arrival of the cold front, we should expect the formation of local showers and thunderstorms in a few places. As the front moves through, the tendency for precipitation will increase, but showers and thunderstorms will still be the dominant precipitation, the meteorological service said. During the weekend, the cyclone, to which the cold front belongs, will move eastward and we will be in the back flow system, as a result of which, according to the current scenarios, windy weather is expected on our national holiday (20th August), and showers and thunderstorms may form behind the front from the rapidly moving cumulus clouds. The scenario just outlined is based on the latest current data, but the weather situation can still change, so they will come forward with updated information several times this week, reads the Facebook post of the OMSZ.



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