Katalin Novák took a photo with Mel Gibson


Katalin Novák traveled to the United States for the UN General Assembly, where she already met the American president Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden. He also met Mel Gibson – according to her social media post.

Until now, Katalin Novák’s official program included, among other things, a meeting with the American border guards, when she went to the US-Mexico border, where they participated in the defense that they are constantly facing migration pressure. Every country must be able to protect its borders.

He previously spoke at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, where he spoke about the importance of peace as soon as possible before the heads of state and government of the world. She also participated in a separate meeting where the female heads of state and government met separately. He said: In Hungary, we strive to ensure that women do not have to choose between motherhood and profession, just as women and men should support each other.



Photo: Katalin Novák

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