A man from Hajdúhadház is suspected of selling drugs and a new psychoactive substance. Local investigators have closed the case.


Investigators at the Hajdúhadháza Police Headquarters have been informed that a local man is selling drugs. They began to investigate the case, and on May 7, 2020, as part of a concerted action, the 30-year-old man and his three customers were caught. Police searched the dealer’s home and also seized several suspected drug powders as well as pills. Subsequent expert opinions found that these were types of drugs as well as new psychoactive substances.

Following the interrogation of the suspect, the man remained in custody and a motion was made to arrest him, which was ordered by the competent court on 10 May 2020. He must be held liable for a well-founded suspicion of committing drug trafficking and the misuse of a new psychoactive substance, while criminal proceedings have been instituted against his three customers for possession of drugs.



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