11 pigs were also stolen from a property on the outskirts of Debrecen


The suspects broke into a property on the outskirts of Debrecen, from where they first stole electronic devices and then 11 pigs. Police have completed their investigation into the case.

The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters prosecuted a resident of Debrecen, Hajdúhadház and Nyíradony for a well-founded suspicion of theft. According to the investigation, the suspects broke into a property in Debrecen on the evening of August 21, 2021, from where they took various electronic devices with them. It wasn’t enough for the suspects either, after unloading the booty from the car, they went back to the scene again. An additional 11 piglets were then placed in the vehicle and set off home.

Investigators identified them that day, which seized the stolen objects and animals and then returned them to the victim. After their production, the woman and her two male companions were interrogated as suspects, during which they testified.

The police took the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.



Picture: illustration.

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