Man attacked by the relatives of a child he had hit with his car


A man reported to the 112 emergency number on May 7, 2022, around 7 pm, that he had hit a little boy riding a bicycle in Futó Street, Debrecen. He rushed to the child’s aid immediately after the call, but a few minutes later the child’s family also appeared on the scene. The relatives, as they became aware of what had happened, rushed at the driver of the car. They didn’t care that the little boy had turned his bike out in front of the regularly traveling car.

The man was beaten, and he was eventually forced to lock himself in his car so as not to be abused further. The family then began to vent their anger on the car, tossing stones and smashing one of its rearview mirrors.

It was only when the police and paramedics arrived that the mood subsided. Both the little boy and the driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries. The police officers caught two of the relatives and a woman. Following their interrogation, they were held in criminal custody and a motion was made to arrest them.

The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters has launched an investigation into the local population on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of committing a group crime and committing a criminal offense of grievous bodily harm.

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