A woman from Debrecen drove drunk into the ditch


The Traffic Police Sub-Department of the Hajdúböszörmény Police Department conducted proceedings against a woman from Debrecen due to the well-founded suspicion of committing the offense of driving while intoxicated. According to the investigation data, the suspect was driving a car on road 3502 on the evening of February 3, 2022. She was driving from the direction of Hajdúdorog towards Hajdúböszörmény when he drove into a ditch, tore through a fence, and then overturned. The patrol officers who arrived at the scene used a breathalyzer on the driver, which indicated a positive value, so he was produced. The driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries in the accident.

The Hajdúböszörmény police officers carried out the necessary procedural actions and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.



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