A woman in Püspökladány sold her ex-partner’s mobility aid


The Püspökladány Járási Ugyésség filed charges of misdemeanor embezzlement against the woman who, according to the accusation, did not return the medical aid entrusted to her by her former partner, but instead sold it.

According to the indictment, the accused and the victim lived in a cohabitation relationship in Püspökladany, the victim requested an electric moped-type medical aid in March 2021, which the defendant sometimes used.

Their relationship ended and the man moved out in September 2021, but he entrusted the defendant with his mobility, saying that he could use it for a few weeks and return it later.

In November 2021, the man repeatedly called on the defendant to hand over the electric moped, but this did not happen, as the woman sold it to an unknown person for HUF 125,000 at the end of November 2021.

During the investigation carried out by the Püspökladany Police Department, it was determined that the victim suffered HUF 345,000 in damage, which was not recovered, so he requested compensation for his damage during the investigation.

The Püspökladányi District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the defendant, who confessed to the crime, for the offense of embezzlement to a lesser value at the Püspökladányi District Court. In its indictment, the district prosecutor’s office suggested that the district court, without conducting a trial, based on the content of the case files, issue a criminal order, in which the defendant should be placed on probation as a measure and ordered to compensate the victim for the damage caused.


Picture: illustration.

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