The officers of the Debrecen Police Department caught a drug-distributing gang of young people


The Debrecen unit of the KR NNI put an end to a drug business that lasted more than a year a few days ago. All five members of the marijuana-distributing gang were attacked at the same time. The investigators suspect all of the young people, mostly well-to-do and living with their parents, of drug trafficking.

On January 18, 2023, the Debrecen department of the International Crimes Department of the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police, together with the staff of the Debrecen Police Department, attacked a Hajdú-Bihar county team dealing with drug distribution in a coordinated operation. According to the well-founded suspicion, the five-member company has continued its illegal business since December 2021, during which they supplied drugs to the youth of Hajdú-Bihar. The two men from Hajdúböszörmény, one from Debrecen, one from Hajdúszoboszló, and one from Sárospatak were constantly conspiring with each other and carried out their criminal activities within an organized framework, which even their immediate family members did not know about. Because of this, their relatives watched the arrest of the young people almost in disbelief.

During the raid carried out with the involvement of more than fifty police officers, in addition to the arrests, searches were also carried out. The investigators thoroughly searched the residences of all five suspects and seized all the tools that support drug distribution. Plant materials, packaging materials, foils, pouches, grinders, digital scales, as well as mobile phones and SIM cards used for criminal contacts are also included in the seizure records. The cash seized from the young people is nearly one million forints and 400 euros.

In addition to the five distributors, the investigators also produced the drug-using girlfriend of one of them.

The men between the ages of 23 and 26 are suspected of drug trafficking by the investigators of the KR NNI in Debrecen. After their questioning, they initiated the arrest of all five of them, which was ordered by the Debrecen District Court on the motion of the Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office.

It is questionable even for the investigators, what drove the young people to form the drug network with a very well-hidden and sufficiently structured system, considering that several of them live with their parents in fairly impeccable financial conditions. Of course, where the team got the marijuana is still to be clarified. Thus, the investigation continues not only in order to clarify the exact role of the young people, but also for the reason of widening the circle of perpetrators. Therefore, further suspicions are expected in the case.

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