A second-hand shopkeeper was selling fake clothes in Debrecen


The employees of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) inspected the premises of a second-hand clothing store in Hajdú-Bihar county, where several violations of the rules and criminal proceedings were initiated.

Mixed in with the used clothes in the Debrecen rummage shop, the cashiers found new, popular brand shoes (Nike, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.), sweaters, underwear, socks and slippers. The owner of the shop reported that he had bought the portékas in large quantities at a favorable price on a well-known social networking site. He added that he was aware that the products were not original.

The range was also examined by the representatives of the rights holders of the brands, which were found to be fake and attempted to be sold without the permission of the owner of the trademark. The patrols seized nearly six hundred items of clothing and footwear.

With the things put into commercial circulation, they caused a financial loss of about two million forints to the rights holders, therefore proceedings were initiated for the crime of violation of industrial property rights.

Eliminating counterfeit products from the market is also important because they not only cause significant damage to economic operators but can also pose a health or quality risk to customers – pointed out Etelka Juhászné Prantner, press officer of the National Tax and Customs Administration’s Deployment Directorate.


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