26 thefts in Debrecen can be linked to a gang of thieves


The group of three mainly traveled on bicycles but also saw opportunities in minor perfume thefts.

They visited Debrecen from Hajdúhadház and practically hunted for opportunities in the city. They tied up bicycles left unattended, sneaked into yards, and stole perfumes from shopping malls, but took everything they could sell later. They had a buyer who, knowing that they were bringing him stolen things, bought them anyway.

According to the investigation data, between the beginning of February and the end of March 2023, a total of 26 thefts can be linked to the names of the three men. The criminal prosecutors caught them, and after questioning them as suspects, all three of them were taken into criminal custody. During the searches of their homes, several bicycles, as well as tools and machines from the thefts, were found and confiscated.

The Debrecen Police Department’s Crime Department investigated them for business-related theft, and their acquaintance, who bought the stolen items from them, must be held accountable for the crime of money laundering.

The police performed the necessary procedural actions and sent the documents to the prosecutor’s office.

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