Man Grew Indian Hemp Near Nyíradony


The police in Nyíradon completed the proceedings against a man who grew 21 plants of Indian hemp at a weekend house.

Last summer, the police showed up at a weekend house on the outskirts of Nyíradony, as they received information that marijuana was being grown there. Their suspicions were confirmed, as a total of 21 plants of hemp were found and confiscated in the building and in the foil tent next to it.

The investigators caught a 32-year-old Létavértes resident on the site and then questioned him. He confessed. Based on the data obtained, the man regularly consumed marijuana, which was also confirmed by the results of the rapid test. The Nyíradony Police Station of the Hajdúhadház Police Department conducted an investigation against him for the crime of drug possession. The police performed the necessary procedural actions and sent the documents to the prosecutor’s office.

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