A little girl flew out of a car in an accident in Debrecen – she was not wearing a seatbelt


A nine-year-old girl was thrown from the car during an accident in Debrecen. The police would like to emphasize the importance of seat belts.

A serious traffic accident occurred in Debrecen on the morning of February 1, 2024. Two cars collided and several people were injured. A pair of district commissioners arrived at the scene first and immediately rushed to the aid of the injured. Erika Lévai r. staff sergeant helped a seriously injured little girl lying on the ground, to whom he immediately provided first aid. In the meantime, the employees of the ambulance service arrived on the scene, took the injured person from the policewoman, and then transported him to the hospital.

Based on the investigation and information obtained, it can be stated that the little girl was not restrained in the car and was thrown from the car by the force of the collision.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the use of a seat belt is not only mandatory – for the driver and his passengers – but its use can save lives! The seat belt is considered a passive safety device and was developed to reduce the degree of injuries. By using it during accidents, in the event of a possible collision, the chances of survival can be significantly improved – read on police.hu. Once again, the police strongly ask drivers to always fasten their seat belts when driving off and to draw the attention of their passengers to their use!

(Debreceni Nap)

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