A thief failed to rob the elderly woman, so he pushed her to the ground


The victim resisted, but the thief pushed the old woman to the ground. The attacker must be held responsible for the crime of robbery.

According to the indictment, on the morning of December 12, 2023, the man consumed a narcotic substance at his home in Hajdúszovát, then went out into the street and walked around the settlement. Around 11 o’clock, he noticed the old woman walking in front of him with a bag in her hand. The woman was on her way to the post office and took nearly HUF 160,000 (approx. 427.49 EUR) in cash and her documents with her.

The man was determined to get the woman’s valuables, so he addressed her and asked her for directions. While the victim was pointing the way, the perpetrator suddenly grabbed the bag the woman was holding and started pulling it. The victim held it close as a defense, so the attacker pushed her by the chest and then ran away from the scene.

The woman fell on the pavement and suffered injuries that took eight days to heal.

The police in Hajdúszoboszló took the man into custody the next day, then the court ordered his arrest at the request of the prosecution.

The Hajdúszoboszló District Prosecutor’s Office charged the accused, who confessed to the crime, with the crime of attempted robbery and serious bodily injury. In his indictment, he recorded as a moderate motion that the Hajdúszoboszló District Court should sentence the accused to 4 years in prison and ban him from practicing public affairs for 4 years as a secondary punishment.


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