Luca Kozák from Debrecen won the national championship in the 100-meter dam


Luca Kozák won the national championship in the 100-meter dam on the second day of the 127th National Athletics Championships.

The Debrecen sprinter improved her squadron on her own 12.71-second record in August 2020 and collected her fifth championship title in a row. Kozák, the finalist at the indoor European Championships, was not hindered by the pouring rain. Behind her, Gréta Kerekes came in second, and Xénia Krizsán, who was testing seven, was third – both with their individual best – while Anna Tóth, who won the U20 record (13.23 seconds) in the preliminary race, finished in fifth place.

Bence Halász was close to the 80-meter hammer throw, winning the World Championship and World Championship bronze medalist of the Dobó SE this year with 79.86 meters. In the women’s field, his club partner, Réka Gyurátz, finished in the lead with a result of over 70 meters.

Bálint Szeles won the men’s 110-meter hurdle – Valdó Szűcs did not start due to an injury – and Anita Márton, the first (indoor) world champion in Hungarian athletics, won the 16th outdoor national championship.

In the women’s pole vault, Hanga Klekner improved her individual peak for the third time in the outdoor season, and even tried to break the national record of her coach, Krisztina Molnár, 4.55, but she failed, 10 inches behind her.

Nearly 440 people entered the three-day competition at the Lantos Mihály Sports Center in Budapest in 38 numbers. The national championship continues at 3 p.m.

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