International Dinner by ESN Debrecen

Gastro University

Date: 19 November at 20.00-02.00

Venue: Klinika Egyetemi Klub

You are here in Hungary and haven’t tried “kőrözött” or “lepcsánka”? 😋
Are you passionate about food and would try different nations’ different dishes? 🍝
Oh sure, my bad everybody loves eating… 🌮

Our next event is International dinner, and we would invite you 📆 on the 19th of November (Tuesday) 📍 in the Klinika Klub.

You can cook🍳, and then you can share it with others what reminds you to your home country because nothing is better than share what you love with your friends.👥
Also, be sure that you make something delicious to the dinner because during the dinner we will choose which three nations dishes should win the prizes for bringing the best dishes of the night. 🏆

On the other hand, you also can taste the real, homemade, delicious Hungarian dishes that WE prepare for you. (The meals will contain vegetarian options too.🌿)

So if you bring your own food it will be a huge international food-party.🍱
Can you imagine better than this?😉

The doors are open 🕗 at 20:00.

❗❗ You can bring your food from 🕖 19:00. Please be punctual if you want to participate in the competition and win the prizes to your nations. ❗❗

💸Ticket prices:
It includes dinner🌯, some drinks 🍹 and the after party🎉.
🎫with ESNcard – 1000ft
🎫standard – 2000ft
🎫Only for the party – 500Ft

❗If you register and cook your own national food and bring it for the others to try, your entry is FREE of charge❗

(Maximum 2 person per teams are able to register)

Please register on the link below:

Sing up and see you there!!😇

‼️ The following event is NOT exclusively for Erasmus Students. All students are more than welcome ‼️


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