Spectacular video for this year’s yoUDay


The unique stadium show of the University of Debrecen, yoUDay – the day of the university, your day, was breathtaking. In the summary short film, the most memorable moments of the large-scale event can be relived.

YoUDay in 2021 had a spectacular, special, unforgettable atmosphere in every way. More than eleven thousand people partied in September at the fifth stadium show, which featured a larger-than-ever stage for university citizens who also owned the auditorium and arena.

The community-forging, nationally unique stadium show emphasizing university belonging, once again showed perfectly what it means to be a university student in Debrecen, to study at the University of Debrecen.

In the short film made by the team of Atomic Media, the most special moments can be recalled, and the most memorable concerts and visual elements of the September stadium show can be relived through the dynamic summary. For example, the university’s foreign student community from more than 100 countries has been greeted by the flags of different nations, but snapshots of the spectacular laser show and subsequent stadium disco are also flashing. And, of course, perhaps the most important are the self-forgotten reactions of college students partying in the audience, speaking for themselves.



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