Conference on the future of physical education teacher training at the University of Debrecen


The Sports Science Committee of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference met at the Nagyerdei Stadium on Wednesday and Thursday. The participants agreed that the renewal of physical education teacher training and physiological physical education teacher training is timely and essential.

All of the eight physical education teacher training centers were represented at the two-day meeting, which was again organized by the University of Debrecen in person after the epidemic subsided. Several also joined the event online.

The meeting was attended by Ferenc Győri, Associate Professor of the University of Pécs, Chairman of the Sports Science Committee of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, and Tamás Sterbenz, Rector of the University of Physical Education. On behalf of the University of Debrecen, László Balogh, co-chairman of the committee and director of the DE Institute for Sports Coordination, Éva Bácsné, director of the Faculty of Econnomic Institute of Sports Economics and Management, Andrea Lenténé Puskás, deputy director of DESKI and Péter Hídvégi, associate professor Committee members spoke on two main items on the agenda.

One is the renewal of physical education training, the renewal of physical education training, the finalization of training and output requirements, professional content, and institutional interoperability. The main goal is to make Hungarian training more in line with market expectations, to be modern, and to encourage students to apply for a career as a physical education teacher. We know that the number of applicants for teacher training has decreased by 60% nationwide. Fortunately, we do not see this negative trend in the fields of physical education and physiotherapy at the University of Debrecen, nor in recreation and sports organizers,

– the director of DESKI explained.

He added that the members of the Sports Science Committee must work together to maintain at least the current number of physical education and physiotherapy teachers in the future, as there is a shortage of well-trained professionals.

Not to mention that physical education can not only be located in an educational institution, the entire Hungarian sports sector is also open to them

– László Balogh remarked.

The second item on the agenda spoke about the participation of the MRK Sports Science Committee in the sectoral modernization of higher education, and the structural transformation of the training and output requirements of the entire Hungarian sports science and physical culture field in the context of the initial RRF project.

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