University Square on Campus: science and fun in one place


In a new location, in a larger area than ever before, the university venue of the Campus Festival, Erasmus35 Színpad – Egyetem Tér, awaits festival-goers with concerts, and scientific lectures, and professional discussions. During the four days, the University of Debrecen offers exciting attractions and more than forty different programs at sixteen stands.

This year, the university festival venue is located in the northeast part of the Nagyerdei Stadium, in the grassy area in front of the Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle, and Therapy Center, where 33 organizational units of the University of Debrecen will present themselves. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Erasmus international mobility scholarship, this year the foreign experience and student-faculty exchange program play a prominent role in the program offer of the Erasmus 35 Stage – University Square.

Many people have the idea that science is a complicated thing that only trained people can do. This is a misconception that needs to be dispelled, and a festival where many people come is excellent for this. At University Square, all festival-goers can experience that science can be cultivated while having fun,

László Csernoch declared.

The scientific vice chancellor of the University of Debrecen added: that they want to convince as many people as possible on the Campus that it is worth studying at the University of Debrecen.

The Campus is very different from other festivals in the country, a bit more intellectual and better mannered, which is thanks to the University of Debrecen, the students, and employees of the institution

– said Péter Miklósvölgyi, managing director of the Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. He believed that those who come here and see University Square feel that science and entertainment go well together here, which has a good effect on everyone.

The festival director also reported that, according to preliminary data, the Campus Festival has probably never had as many season tickets as it will have this year.

While the University Square is traditionally present at the Campus Festival, every year we try to renew ourselves and bring new colors to our appearance. We strive to make our programs accessible to everyone and all age groups

– emphasized Mónika Rőfi, head of UD’s Event Coordination and Alumni Center.

She added: in the afternoon on the stage of University Square, interested parties will receive talk shows, where they discuss, for example, drug prevention, problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and financial fraud. She pointed out that the Pont ott party starts at 8 o’clock on Thursday evening, where it will be revealed where the applicants can continue their studies.

We have prepared a lot at the University Square, almost all disciplines present at the University of Debrecen are represented. For example, you can see interesting experiments, and fill out quizzes, but you can even change wheels with DEAC car racers

– explained Zsuzsanna Mándy, an employee of the UD Science Directorate, organizer, who presented one of the special attractions of the event venue, the robot dog using artificial intelligence.

The units of the University of Debrecen await festival-goers with a number of interesting programs. Those interested can get information about a healthy lifestyle and the importance of regular exercise at the Sports Science Coordination Institute’s stand. In addition, university specialists map the fitness of festival-goers, measure blood pressure and give advice. There will be science-based wine tasting and medical presentations for young and old. UD’s Mental Health Center operates a children’s corner. Visitors can take part in an ultrasound examination and meet the robots of the Faculty of Engineering. The Innovation Institute of Engineering and Business Development (MÜZLI) presents interesting presentations on stage.

As a new player, the Hospital Hygiene Department of the UD Clinical Center guides the festival-goers into the world of good and bad bacteria and disinfection. The Institute of Public Health and Epidemiology makes its joint debut with the Lung Clinic, which shows the harmful effects of smoking. Thanks to the Neurotech EU program, visitors can familiarize themselves with the latest achievements in neurotechnology, for example, the rehabilitation program based on video games, which is used to treat movement disorders following brain injury in an increasing number of rehabilitation centers. The Biomechanics Laboratory of the Department of Orthopedics focuses on 3D printing and scanning, and they also demonstrate how the former technology can be used in bone surgery. The Institute of Immunology prepares with a giant board game and the Medical Imaging Clinic with interesting tools and experiments in radiochemistry. At the round table discussion of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, it will be revealed how similar the work of forensic experts, in reality, is to what is seen in TV series. Now, for the first time, the Institute of Educational Sciences, the Hatvani István Vocational College, and the DExam language examination center are preparing programs.

The musical offer is also varied, you can see and hear almost 20 concerts at the university venue: the duo Léhárt Míra – Patrik Polgár and Kodachrome will perform Simon and Garfunkel songs, among others. Anna Szalai and Gergő Dorozsmai perform big-city chansons.

The students of the Institute of Classical Music of the University of Debrecen present themselves. The singer of the band Follow the flow, Gergő Szakács, and Ohnody + O’Sullivan will perform in an acoustic show. Bar pianist István Vajda, Szilárd Piano Projekt, Napfonat, I am Soyuz, Márk Járai from Halott Pénz, and Boebeck are playing. The programs end each night with song and sheet music evenings. The events at University Square will be closed by the gala concert of the songwriting camp on the Campus.

At the university stands, lecturers, researchers, colleagues, volunteer students, and a total of about 400 university citizens contribute.

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