International success of the young talent of the University of Debrecen


Zoltán Paál, a student at the University of Debrecen, won the main prize of the 1st Collegium Varadinum conference. With the intention of creating a tradition, the scientific student competition was organized for the first time this year in Nagyvárád by the Christian University of Partium, writes

The aim of the interdisciplinary Varadinum Scientific Student Conference is to support and boost the academic progress of undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate students studying in Nagyvárád, and at the same time, Hungarian students, including several students of the University of Debrecen, have the opportunity was given the opportunity to present his scientific results achieved so far.

The students of the University of Debrecen performed successfully, as Zoltán Paál took home the first prize, Márton Vadász also won first place, while Mónika Püski and Krisztián Dávid Nagy (all students of the UD Faculty of Humanities) were rewarded with a silver medal for their performance. professional jury.

I have been dealing with Sándor Eckhardt’s history writing for almost three years, I have tested myself at numerous domestic conferences and the National Science Student Conference (OTDK), so there was no question that I would also enter Nagyvárad with this research topic. The competition was strong, as the students of Eötvös Loránd University, UD, Nagyvárad University, Partium Christian University and Collegium Varadinum also came with many interesting and serious research topics, so the task was not easy, but we tried to stand our ground and the best present our topic to the best of our ability, and the persistent work has paid off

– Zoltán Paál told the portal.

Similar to the Hungarian National Scientific Student Conference, students could apply with a thesis, for which they received points and an opponent’s opinion. At the event on May 26, everyone had 15 minutes to present their knowledge in a ppt presentation.

It is always a great pleasure when the students of the talent management program achieve success, but when they do so on the international stage and prove themselves in international competition and prove to be the best there, it proves that our university deals with talents not only at the local level, but also prepares them for the international also for working in academic life

– said Zsuzsa Mándy, staff member of the UD Science Directorate.

The coordinator of UD Tehetséggondózó program (DETEP) emphasized: this event was also an excellent opportunity to deepen our relationship with universities across the border, we hope that in the future there will be more opportunities for joint competitions.

In addition to the professional recognition, the first-place winners can take part in a study trip to Brussels (Zoltán Paál and Márton Vadász), and the second-place winners won a festival pass for July 6-9. to the VIBE light music festival in Marosvásárhely between (Mónika Püski and Krisztián Dávid Nagy).

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