130 students from 21 countries came to the University of Debrecen as part of the Erasmus program


True to tradition, the International Office of the University of Debrecen and the Student Affairs Committee of the institution welcomed 130 students from 21 countries as part of the Erasmus scholarship program with a Welcome Dinner on Thursday in the Hall of the Main Building.

Spain is represented with the largest number of participants, Portugal, Italy and France are divided on the imaginary second step of the podium, followed by Turkey. This year, students from Greece, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also came, who spent half a year on the Karain course at the University of Debrecen.

Most of them – 40 people – came to the Faculty of General Medicine this year, but many chose the Faculty of Humanities, Economics, Pharmacy, Engineering, and Natural Sciences and Technology.

– For higher education in Debrecen, the 16-17. From the 19th century onwards, it was important to maintain international relations, primarily with the sister Reformed schools in Europe, the memory of which is also preserved in the glass windows of the Hall of the Main Building, showing the cities where the students of the predecessor Reformed College went on pilgrimage – Orsolya Jánosy recalled the past in her welcome.

In his speech, the head of the UD International Office emphasized that among the domestic universities, Debrecen has the largest number of foreign students, more than 7,000 students from more than 120 countries study primarily in the institution’s English-language courses, thanks to which there is plenty of room for the newly arrived Erasmus scholarship holders as well. supply.

After the welcome, thanks to the performing folk dancers and the Szeredás folk music ensemble, the guests first got a taste of Hungarian folklore, which was followed by a real Hungarian dinner.

The opening night ended with a joint dance.

Of course, the International Office not only supports the studies of the new arrivals but also the foreign scholarship programs of university citizens. For the academic year 2023/24, Erasmus application opportunities have reopened, lecturers can apply for mobility for educational or training purposes, while students can apply for mobility for academic and professional practice purposes. The mobilities can be implemented until July 31, 2024.

In the case of faculty, staff and student partial training, the application deadline is October 1, 2023, while the submission of student internship applications continues until February 15, 2024.

Applications for students:

Study SMS Hungarian: https://internationaloffice.unideb.hu/erasmus-ka131-palyazati-felhivas-programorszagokba-iranyulo-hallgatoi-tanulmanyi-celu-mobilitasra-1

Professional practice SMT Hungarian: https://internationaloffice.unideb.hu/erasmus-ka131-modositott-palyazati-felhivas-programorszagokba-iranyulo-hallgatoi-szakmai-gyakorlat

For teachers: https://internationaloffice.unideb.hu/ka131-erasmus-palyazati-felhivas-oktatasi-celu-mobilitasok-megvalositasara-20232024-es-tanevben

For employees: https://internationaloffice.unideb.hu/ka131-erasmus-palyazati-felhivas-munkatarsak-kepzesi-celu-mobilitasanak-megvalositasara-es-20232024-es

You can get more information about all this at the traditional Foreign Exchange, which will be held on September 20, also in the Main Building. At the event, students can find out about mobility opportunities abroad, professional internships, and language courses, and meet personally with representatives of various organizations. The event is accompanied by informative lectures in Hungarian and English.


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