The students of the University of Debrecen participated in the SkillRace2023 national competition


The general medicine and dentistry students of the University of Debrecen finished first in the national skills development competition, which was held on Friday and Saturday in Pécs. In the SkillRace2023 competition, the participants had to complete team and individual tasks, giving an account of their theoretical and practical knowledge and manual skills.

The Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Pécs announced for the first time its national skills development competition called SkillRace2023, in which students from the four Hungarian medical institutions participated.

The Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Debrecen was represented by three five-person teams. Team members: Dávid Martin Adorján, Tímea Balla, Zalán Barta, Dániel Bucsánszky, Péter Czina, Eszter Dancsiskó, Dániel Dobai, Lídia Gömöri, Hinnah Barbara, Dóra Lendvai, Eszter Magyar, Gábor Menkó, Dema Nimer, Réka Sütő Tímea, Vencel Vécsei .

At twelve different professional stations, the contestants gave an account of, among other things, their knowledge of nursing, basic and advanced resuscitation, normal and difficult airways, the care of trauma victims, their basic surgical skills, their practical knowledge of obstetrical and physical and instrumental diagnostic tests and interventions (blood sampling, injections , sampling, analysis of X-rays, emergency US module, US-guided biopsy, probe leads, catheterization, testicular and breast examination among many other tasks) on models, simulators, in a situational simulation environment.

Under the guidance of the faculty of the Faculty of General Medicine, the students prepared for the competition for several weeks, developed their theoretical knowledge and practiced using the equipment of the Department of Surgery and the Interactive Medical Practice Center. The preparation went so well that one of the ÁOK teams from the University of Debrecen performed the best among the twelve medical student teams, taking first place.

– The competition was a structured assessment of the knowledge and skills that are included in the curriculum of medical education anyway, with a little extra. I feel that the excellent performance and exceptional attitude of our students is excellent feedback about the quality of medical education at the University of Debrecen. This is a great pride not only for the university and the faculty, the competitors and the training instructors, but also for the entire student community. I hope that the achieved success will encourage the students to further develop their practical skills and that even more of them will participate in similar domestic and international professional competitions in the future – Norbert Németh, Deputy Dean of Education at the Faculty of Medicine, told coordinator of preparatory trainings.

Members of the winning team: Zalán Barta, Dániel Bucsánszky, Lídia Gömöri, Dóra Lendvai, Gábor Menkó.
Preparatory instructors: Norbert Németh, Erzsébet Ványolos, Ádám László Fazekas, Attila Ádám Mátrai, Ádám Varga (Department of Surgery), István László (Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care), Dóra Ujvárosy, Imre Juhász, Edit Mária Nagy (Department of Emergency Medicine), Ágoston Dávid Kovács, Zsolt Varga (Department of Surgery), Levente Barna, Luca Lukács (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Gyula Drabik (Department of Urology), Orsolya Anna Flaskó (Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery), Csaba Körei (Department of Orthopedics and Department of Traumatology), János Aranyosi (Department of Ophthalmology), András Székely (Institute of Medical Imaging).

In the dentistry category, the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Debrecen was represented by the GolDEn Standard and DEbris teams with five members each.

Eight teams from four universities could compare their skills at nine different stations in individual and team tasks, touching on resuscitation, sickness and rescue in the dental office, imaging diagnostics, assessment of spatial manuality, wire bending, mold preparation and tooth structure skills, wisdom tooth coronectomy, manual and mechanical root canal expansion and digital impression taking.

Selecting the ten competitors and then organizing the preparation caused quite a headache the first time, but myself and the instructors coped with the task. For the most part, the skills expected in the training were tested, but a little more difficult, which meant that our students either had to focus on time, accuracy, aesthetics, or simply the application of lexical knowledge in practice was at stake

– reported Kinga Bágyi, Dentistry of the University of Debrecen Dean of the faculty, coordinator of preparation for the competition, preparatory instructor of the endodontics station.

He added: it is a great pride for them that their GolDEn Standard team finished in first place and brought home the main prize, the opportunity to travel to a European simulation lab.

One member of the team, fifth-year student János Panyi, also received a special award in connection with the Digital Print station.

All these results reflect that the standard of dental education in Debrecen is exemplary, the performance of both our instructors and students is outstanding

– said Kinga Bágyi, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.

UD Faculty of Dentistry teams:
Golden Standard:
János Panyi, Zsófia Gacsályi, Emese Körömi, Annamária Patakiné Putrás, Klaudia Szabó

Attila Mészáros, Zsolt Boda, Réka Bóna, Gréta Mizsei, Bence Szabó

Their trainers:
UD Faculty of Dentistry teaching doctors: János Angyal, Kinga Bágyi, Tamás Bistey, Etelka D. Tóth, Renáta Martos, Rita Marincsák, Gábor Suta, Márton Suta, István Varga, Géza Vitályos.
UD Faculty of Medicine teaching doctors: Edit Mária Nagy, Dóra Ujvárosy
UD Clinical Center Dental Service: Ibolya Csege (leading assistant), Andrea Cseszlai (clinical dental hygienist), Gergő Medgyesi (educational dental technician).


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