Students presented their research results in the Learning Center


The students of the University of Debrecen reported on their scientific activities in the basic and clinical research, pharmacy, and public health sections at the Saturday event of the Sántha Kálmán College. At the 19th Kálmán Sántha Scientific Roundtable, forty students presented their research in the Learning Center.

Every semester, the professional college organizes a conference called the Scientific Round Table, at which students of the University of Debrecen participating in medical and health science-related scientific projects report on their research results. The event also prepares young people for local and national congresses.

The students presented their scientific work in front of a professional jury made up of University of Debrecen lecturers, the 10-minute presentations were followed by a 5-minute discussion.

Medical biology is a field where orality is of great importance. We have to formulate it in such a way that we convey the information as efficiently as possible so that both lay people and professionals can understand it. Today’s event is an excellent opportunity to practice and develop presentation skills. At the same time, I recommend that they also take part in the debate and ask each other questions, because they can learn a lot from this as well

– emphasized Zoltán Papp, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Debrecen at the opening of the event on Saturday.

Forty students participated in the 19th Scientific Round Table and presented their scientific work in six sections.

We do research for a noble cause, for science, and we believe that sooner or later the knowledge we gain through our scientific activity will have practical use, and our results can lead to the development of new drugs and new therapies. Research is useful and noble, but at the same time exciting, interesting and a lot of fun, so I wish you to enjoy this day in addition to passing on your knowledge and learning

– said Anikó Borbás, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen.

In addition to university students, high school students also had the opportunity to present at the conference.

It gives us great pleasure to be together at this scientific event, where excellent professionals and talented students meet to share their thoughts and experiences. For years, the professional college has been paying special attention to promoting scientific work even among the younger age group. This is why we especially welcome high school students this year, who look towards the world of science with interest and openness

– pointed out Barbara Vigh, student president of the Sántha Kálmán Vocational College.

The Sántha Kálmán College of Medicine, which brings together students studying medicine and health sciences, was started in 1987. It was named after Kálmán Sántha, a famous professor of neurology at the University of Debrecen.


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