Tree roots caused problems for the IT network of the University of Debrecen


According to our information, on the morning of Monday, December 4, 2023, a machine tore an electrical cable in the Clinic area, causing servers and machines to stop. As a result, neither e-learning nor Neptun was available, and a machine also broke down at Neurology.

We asked the press center of the University of Debrecen about what other consequences the incident had.

According to the responsible person’s answer, on Monday, December 4th, during the work that took place in the area of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center Nagyerdei Campus

tree roots caused a problem, due to which there was an interruption in the operation of the university network, which was restored by the institution’s specialists within an hour. No damage was reported in connection with the event

– the Press Center of the University of Debrecen M. Tóth Ildikó informed the Debrecen Sun.

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