Aquaticum Debrecen Water Centre Is Waiting For Its Visitors


The new lido in the Great Forest has been inaugurated: the Aquaticum water complex, which was created of a 9.5-billion-HUF investment with 7.1 billion HUF government support, was opened to the general public on 19 June 2020 – as it was announced on 18 June.

In his inaugural speech, Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, spoke highly of recent years’ developments in Debrecen and added: he found that the laying of the foundation stone and the inauguration followed each other „at a traceable interval”, which was not always the case at a national level. He thought that the Debrecen Aquaticum Water Centre was such a facility. Its foundation stone was laid down in the summer of 2018, and „perhaps the most modern lido of the country” was completed in two years. Lajos Kósa, Fidesz-member MP for the region – former Mayor of Debrecen – said that the new lido was a worthy counterpart of the adventure and thermal baths, and the promenade that attached to it would bring life to the Great Forest. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, called the lido development a „non-average investment”, because it had been a great challenge to create something unique both in appearance and adventure elements not far from the biggest bath complex of Europe, the lido in Hajdúszoboszló. 15 pools were built with 5500 square metres of water surface on the 8.5-hectare complex. Furthermore, 8 slides were installed, sun terraces were constructed at a height of 12 metres, and a separate children’s world was also created.


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