Hungarian Researcher Chased Away from Facebook by Fake-News Portals


József Horváth biologist and researcher has deleted his professional and private Facebook profiles because of fake news portals.The 30-year-old biologist from Debrecen is working on studies and researches on molecular genetics and one of his main research fields is treating cancer. On the International Roma Day in 2015, he received the Golden Strap Prize, which is awarded to young Roma professionals who could be models for other Roma people.

One of Horváth’s main research fields is the medical use of cannabidiol (CBD). Marijuana has more than sixty types of cannabinoid receptors, and CBD is one of them. Like THC, it also reacts with the body’s receptors, but is not a psychoactive substance, but it can be used as a life-saving medication. It has been shown that CBD can reduce nausea and dizziness, improve sleep quality, and even prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.

Because of his research, many people contacted József Horváth; and he was able to help some of the patients. But after a while, the tone and amount of incoming messages became unmanageable. The young researcher got totally fed up when on Facebook many web shops and a ghost portals tried to sell their CBD oils by using his name.

József Horváth did not delete his Facebook profiles for good, but he announced that as long as fake news about him keep appearing in the social media, he does not want to return.


Photo: József Joz Horváth / Facebook

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